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11/16/07 1-Page "Case Information" Summary Submitted To DC Court

I am documenting a claim against Best Buy in the measure of $54,592,146.54, including compensatory, treble, and correctional harms. A half year of endeavors to determine issues with Best Buy both all alone - and with the help of the DC Police Department, DC Attorney General�s Office, different specialists, and companions - have been ineffective. The foundation is as per the following:

Around May 25, I endowed a breaking down, 1-year-old workstation to the Best Buy-Tenleytown DC store for fix under an assistance plan that I had obtained with the PC.

Records show that the workstation was never delivered, i.e., it was taken from the store not long after receipt, very likely by a store representative.

In spite of this, after a subsequent visit on July 1, a store worker evidently adulterated records, making the appearance that the missing PC had been handled for administration.

Because of consequent follow-up calls, �Customer Service� operators at that point over and again deceived me about the fix status of the apparition PC.

Simply in the wake of hoisting my requests to the board on August 9 was the burglary revealed.

Best Buy �Customer Service� at that point proposed pay in the measure of $750 for the taken PC and $150 for the substance lost with the PC. As this sum neglected to cover the cost of the initially acquired PC bundle ($1100.35), not to mention the real expense of an equivalent substitution PC or the estimation of the substance lost and different costs, I affirmed that I considered the offer lacking and that I found a gift voucher that would drive me to keep on belittling Best Buy inadmissible.

After remuneration neglected to emerge for about fourteen days, I composed on August 24 to Best Buy Tenleytown-DC the executives to demand affirmation of what kind of examination had been directed into the computer�s robbery from the store and unobtrusive pay ($2110.35) to balance costs identified with the misfortune and substitution of the PC. This and consequent requests were overlooked by the store and by Best Buy �Customer Service.�

I at that point documented a criminal objection with the DC Police Department, and mentioned help from the Attorney General�s Office and others in regards to money related pay.

Best Buy �Customer Service� reacted to the AG�s Office with another lowball offer ($1100.35 and a $500 gift voucher). I turned it down, given that the sum is terribly insufficient to cover even one-6th of the immediate costs, not to mention different costs identified with the misfortune and substitution of my PC and its substance.

I trust Best Buy is at risk not just for costs coming about because of its carelessness in forestalling and uncovering the burglary of my PC, yet in addition for the subsequent expenses and worries of shielding myself against wholesale fraud that I should bear for a considerable length of time to come because of Best Buy�s carelessness in satisfying its lawful and good commitment to defend the individual data contained on that PC. I am hence mentioning compensatory harms to address this.

I am likewise mentioning treble harms as pay for the extensive time, cost, bother, stress and passionate misery, torment and enduring, and different hardships that I have needed to suffer because of Best Buy�s carelessness, trickiness, lack of concern, postpone strategies, lowball offers, and abuse in the course of recent months.

At last, I am asking that the court consider Best Buy�s example of conduct and grant corrective harms in a sum that it esteems satisfactory to rouse Best Buy to promptly reconsider its ways and overhaul strategies and methods to all the more adequately shield future customers� property and individual data against burglary and to offer need to limiting a customer�s odds of introduction to wholesale fraud.
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