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Morning Mantras and Hymns

Morning Mantras and Hymns
 เฅ profane: holy or omnipotent.

 Vakratunda epic sunrise
 God is omnipotent at all times.

 Brahmanand ParamSukhadam only Gyanamurtiam.
 The paradox of the paradox, of the essence.
 One routine is all about Vikalam: Witness.
 The virtuous triad of virtues is unmatched.

 Gurudravama gurvishnu: gurudevo maheshwar:.
 Guru: Visually Parabrahma Tasmai Srigurvai Nama:.

 Padmanabha Suresh, Peaceful Bhujgasyan.
 Meghavarna Shubhangam like the world sky.
 Lakshmikant Kamalnayana Yogivardhyangyam.
 Vande Vishnu Bhavabhaihara Sarvlokakanatham.

 Saurashtra Somnathan Ch Shrishalay Mallikarjunam.
 Ujjayanya MahakalMonkaramMaleshwaram
 Parlayana Vaidyanath f Dakshina Bhimashankaram.
 Sethbande tu rameshan nageshun darukawane
 Varanasi ye Vishweshan Trimbak Gautamitte.
 Himalayas ye Kedarna Ghummeshan Cha Shivayale
 So, Jyotirlingani at dawn Pathannar.
 Weakness is not required to remember the sins of the seven births.
 Ateshan Darshanadeva Patak Naav Tishti.
 Karmaksya Bhavetsya Yasya Tushto Maheshwara: 1

 เฅ Bhurubhava: Self-deprecating devotees have been slowed down by the Devas.

 Meaning: -
 In that form of life, we should hold God, God, in the form of a destructive, joyful, superior, glorious, sinful, sinful.

 1 (Paramatma) Bhut (soul form) Bhuva (sad form of destiny) Self (Pleasant form) then (Us) Savithu (glorious) Varanyana (superior) Bharata: (sin destroyer) Devas (Divine) slow (hold) Dhaio (wisdom)  (Which) is not (our) abundance.

 That is - we should hold God in the soul, in that soul form, destructive, pleasing form, superior, glorious, sinful, sinful.  May God inspire our intellect on the path.

 First Sheilaputri Ch II Brahmacharini.
 Third Chandraghantheti Kushmandeti.  IV.
 Fifth, Skandamathei Sixth Conduct Ch.
 The seventh time, the night.
 Navam Siddhidatri Ch Navadurga: Celebrity:.
 Uktanyatani Namani Brahmanaiv Mahatma:.

 This kundendutusharahardhvala or white robes
 Or punishing harp or whitewash.
 This Brahmachaut Shankar Prabhuptibhirdeva: Sada Vandita
 Sai maa patu saraswati bhagwati see

 The goddess of Vidya, Bhagwati Saraswati, is characterized as a flower of the moon, moon, snow and pearl necklace and who wears white robes, whose hands are adorned with harp, who has taken a seat on the white lotus and Brahma.  Those who are always worshiped by the gods, Vishnu and Shankar, the same Saraswati, who removes all inertia and ignorance, protect us.

 Shukla celibacy was the essence of Paramamadya Jagadvapinapini
 Veena-book-dharinabhayam thicknesses.
 Padmassan Institute for Crystalline Owners
 Wanda and God, God is wise.

 Shuklavarna, occupying the entire Characharata world, holding the essence of the thoughts and thoughts made about Adikshakti, Parabrahma, holding the ultimate excellence, giving fear to all fears, eradicating the darkness of ignorance, harp in the hands, book and  I adore Bhagwati Sharda (Saraswati Devi), who is wearing a crystal wreath and imparting enlightenment on Padmasana.  .

 All the best except for all the good
 Sharanye Trimbke praises Gaurai Narayani Namo.

 All kinds of mangalamay, welfare, fulfilling the aspirations of all, you are able to take shelter, the three-eyed, the ghost future is the one who sees the present, you are Shiva wife, you are Narayan wife ie God.  If you are involved with all forms of 'hello', hello to you.

 Jayanti mangala kali bhadrakali kapalini.
 Durga Shiva Pardon Daughter Swaha Swadha Namostu Te ...
 Ahilya Draupadi Sita Tara Mandodari and.
 Panchakanya na Smurnnityam MahapatakaNashanam.

 Gita Ganga Ch Gayatri Sita Satya Saraswati.
 Brahma Vidyalaya Brahmavalli Trishthya Muktagahini.
 Bhagavhani Bhavnashini, half-dead Chidananda.
 Altruistic supernatural philosophy.
 Not so much.
 Gnanadhiddhi Lakhhachariha Tantaat is the ultimate position.
 Gita, Ganga, Gayatri, Sita, Satya, Saraswati, Brahma Vidya, Brahmavalli, Trisandhya, Muktagahini, Ardhamatra, Chidananda, Bhavaghani, Bhayanashini, Vedatraya, Para, Ananta and Tattvartanjana Manjari (repository of knowledge of the immediate meaning) thus  The person who chant constantly with the constant mind of the names gets the instant knowledge and finally the ultimate post.

 Horoscope in Ashwattha Hanumanash Vishnu:.
 Grace: Parashuramash Saptayte Chiranjeevan:.
 Weekly remembrances Markandeyammastham.
 Survival of the simplest of all.

 Ashwatthama, Bali, Vyas, Hanuman, Vibhishan, Kripacharya and Lord Parashuram are the seven great beings of Chiranjeevi.

 If these seven great beings and the eighth sage Markandeya are remembered regularly, all diseases of the body are eliminated and attains 100 years of age.

 Hare Ram Hare Ram, Ram Ram Hare Hare.
 Hare Krishna Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna Hare Hare.

 Heavenly Healing.
 Dhanujavanakrishnum Gyaninangarganayam.
 Gross virtue
 Raghupati-loving devotees

 Dham of Atul Bal, with a carved body similar to the mountain of gold (Sumeru), a fire form for the demonic forest (to destroy), leading among the wise, the fulfillment of all virtues, the master of the monkeys, the beloved devotee of Shri Raghunathji.  I salute Hanuman ji.

 Manojavan Marutalivayegate as much as IQ
 Procedures for surrendering to the chief of the Vatican II

 I seek the refuge of the speediest of the mind and the speed of the air, the winners of the senses, the superior of the wise, the son of the air, the head of the monkey group, the Shriramudat Hanumanji.

 Karpur Gaurav Karunavratam,
 Bhujjendra haran the world.
 Forever spring heartbeats,
 Namami including Bhavan Bhavani
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