Monday, 28 October 2019

PM Modi in Saudi: Both countries agree on Asia's superpower, war on terrorism


Prime Minister Narendra Modi has arrived in Saudi Arabia on a two-day visit.  PM Modi arrived at King Saud Palace in the capital Riyadh on Monday night.  PM Modi was welcomed at King Khalid Airport in Riyadh.  In a conversation with the Saudi local media, the PM said that both countries are Asia's great powers and the two countries will fight unitedly in the fight against terrorism.

PM Modi said that India imports 18% of crude oil from Saudi Arabia.  Thus India is the second largest importer of crude oil from Saudi Arabia.  PM Modi said that when bilateral discussions will take place, it will include them in oil and gas projects.

PM Modi arrived in Saudi Arabia for a two-day visit
 Important visit of PM Modi to Saudi
 PM Modi will visit Saudi Arabia with Prince
 PM Modi said in a conversation with a local Saudi media that India and Saudi Arabia are a strategic partner.  With that said good relations with Saudi Arabia of India

Saudi Aramco will take part in India's petrochemical project

 Talking to PM Modi Media, Saudi Aramco will help establish a major refinery and petrochemical project on India's western coast.  Apart from that, we are also keen on Aramco's participation in India's strategic petroleum reserves.

Saudi Arabia and India Asia's superpower

 Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that it is my human concern that the concerns of Asian powers like India and Saudi Arabia about security from their neighboring country are uniform.  In this regard, I am happy that our contribution to the advancement of terrorism, security and strategic issues in particular is very good.

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