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my love story 2019

It was Vijay's first day at the typing coaching center.  He was sitting in his seat reading the manual to learn type.  Just then, his gaze went towards the gate of his cabin.  A dark girl with kajrare nuns was coming to her cabin.

 The girl sat on the seat next to him.  Corrected the typewriter and typed in.  Vijay did not mind typing.  He was trying to talk to the girl under any circumstances.  He sat down with paper on the typewriter and looked at the girl.  The girl's fingers were falling on the typewriter's keyboard as if playing harmonium.

 What are you looking at?  'After a while the girl said angrily.

 Watching you typing

 What have you come here to do?

 Type learning.

 Will you learn like this?  The tone of the girl was intact.

 Today is my first day, so I cannot understand anything.  As you were typing, I started to see how your fingers fall on the keyboard.  Seeing you typing, I will also learn.

 If you keep looking at me in the same way, then your wish will never be fulfilled. '

 The girl again started typing.  Vijay also started typing by looking at the keyboard.  He did not feel like typing.  He was feeling restless.  Ten minutes later he stuck the typewriter's ribbon.

 'The ribbon will be stuck only when the attention is elsewhere ...'

 The girl pulled her typewriter slightly towards her and started fixing the ribbon.  Meanwhile the ribbon fell down.  When she bowed down to lift him, sardine fell from her neck.  Vijay was also bent to lift the ribbon.  Her gaze suddenly went to the girl's energy.  He was shocked

 'Lo, healed.'  The girl said that her consciousness returned.  The girl then started typing, but Vijay did not mind typing.  He was looking forward to talking to the girl.

 'Not liking it?'  Suddenly the girl asked him, the calf blossomed.

 'Looks like I won't be able to learn.'

 The chances are something like this.

 your name?  Vijay questioned to increase the talk.


 Good name.

 But I hate this name.


 If there is a reason, tell me.  Saying this, Sarita got up from her seat and walked out of the cabin with her purse hanging on her shoulder.  Vijay kept watching her go.  After he left he put it on the typewriter.  He felt sad by the typewriter.

 And the world changed

 From this day, Vijay started flying in the air.  The nights began to roam the terrace.  The stars counted and talked to them.  Sitting in the moonlight night and writing poems.  Summer sun started to feel lukewarm.  If the world turns pink then life is a rose  Sleep vanished from the eyes.  He used to walk many kilometers on foot in thoughts.

 When he told his friend about this situation, he said, 'Guru you have fallen in love'.  He liked listening to a friend.

 The next day Vijay tells Sarita that he has written a poem on you.  I want you to read it.

 'This is great.  Don't know  You are my guest  How much do you know me? '

 Whatever I know, I wrote on that basis.

 Sarita started reading her poem.


 Water stream

 Quench the thirst of people

 Irrigating farmers' fields

 Many obstacles come in the way

 Still meets the ocean

 Sagar in his love

 Head slaps on Sahil

 Evidence of the intensity of their love

 On full moon night

 Rising tide

 If there is a river, there is a sea

 Sea will be desert without Sarita

 In love with the ocean

 Sarita Langti is a mountain, plateau

 And man-made barriers

 Below the poem he wrote Sagar instead of Vijay.  Sarita looked at him and extended the paper towards Vijay.  Vijay said that I want you to type it.  It has to be sent for printing.  Sarita did not say anything.  She started typing by putting the paper in front.  Vijay kept watching her.  Sarita also realized that Vijay was watching her, but instead of protesting, she asked that you are a poet?

 Trying to be

 Poets are fugitives.  Sarita said looking at him.  Vijay was shocked by his comment.

 The poet creates poetry for his pleasure.  While thinking, he thinks about poetry.  He then leaves the poem on its condition.  When the poem is in crisis, the poet does not stand in favor of the poem.

 "How can you say that?"

 I think that man's life is also a poem.  My life is a poem.  I do not like my life.  Therefore, I do not like poetry either.

 Oh wow, you are a poet.  What you just said is poetry.

 Poetry is not a poem, but its anguish.

 Which stems from the poet who created my life. '  Saying so, Sarita walked out of the cabin.

 How is it?  Vijay looked at Sarita's typewriter.  It felt as if a typewriter is involved in the composition of a song of sorrow.

 Fragrance of love

 Today he talked more.  Seeing their conversation, Madam, who runs a typing institute, came to him and said that nowadays you are very happy, Sarita.  Sarita only smiled in return.  Vijay also smiled.  So did my love smell it.

 The next day when Sarita came to the institute, she was very well-dressed.  Was wearing a new pink suit.  Hair style was changed.  Vijay liked this changed form of Sarita.  He could not suppress his feelings.  Said, 'You are looking very beautiful.'  In response, when Sarita smiles and throws the Thanksgiving flower towards her, she wishes that she would stand up and dance and shout loudly that she had fallen in love.

 Planetary constellations

 When a man is disappointed or his conditions are not clear towards the goal, he goes to the shelter of religion and astrologer.  The condition of Vijay was also similar.  He started liking Sarita, but it was not clear whether Sarita also wanted him.

 He was also troubled by his unemployment.  The housemates were pressuring separately for marriage.  So one day he went to the astrologer.  He keeps asking the astrologer prescriptions to get a job.  He thought that to get love, even the tricks of home constellations should be known.  For the job, the astrologer sometimes says that your horoscope has Kalsarp Dosh, which hinders your auspicious work.

 For its peace, keep peacock feathers in the house and rotate it on your body 2-3 times daily.  On Monday, offer a pair of silver snake to the Shivling.  Worship Lord Shri Ganesh regularly.  Only by doing this patiently will there be a possibility of getting employment.  Vijay has tried every prescription he has given so far, but till date no possibility remains.  On complaining, he says that Mahadasha of Bhagyesh Venus is going on you.  For the enhancement of Venus, wear a five and a half ratty opal in silver on Friday and wear it in the right middle.

 Pandit ji is there love in my horoscope or not?

 Is it not?  The astrologer said while giving a cursory glance at the horoscope.

 'Is love the sum of marriage?'

 But there are some obstacles.

 What is love in love marriage?

 You are undergoing Mahadasha of Venus, which is inauspicious.  Even in transit, Saturn is five and a half on your zodiac sign.  For Saturn peace, feed dogs a sweet paratha made with mustard oil every Saturday.  Only after planet peace can there be a possibility of success in love.

 Everything is a fraud.  For all these days, you did not get me to do a job.  Got a job?  Nobody is not willing to keep a peon.

 A confused Vijay left the astrologer's room.  On reaching home, the mother said, 'Your father has liked the girl.  His friend has a daughter.  She is doing her job by doing BA. '

 So what do i do?

 Get married

 This will not happen without getting a job.

 Then you will remain single for the whole life.

 Eating a wife's income is better than staying single.  Saying that, Vijay went to his room.

 Life is not easy

 Sarita did not attend typing school for a week.  Vijay kept coming daily and went back home disappointed.  On the eighth day, as soon as Sarita arrived, she sat asking that a week had not come?

 There are many problems in life.  Saying Sarita sat on her seat.

 What happened?

 My sister who is doing BA went away with a boy.  Both are living together without marriage.

 Why Did you do this?

 He says that if she had not done so, she would not have been married.


 Economic conditions of our household.  Sarita fell silent after saying this.

 I don't think your sister has done wrong.  Today's younger generation has become rebellious.  It is breaking traditions and forging new morals.  Over time everything will be alright.

 But mother does not understand.

 Yes, it is a bit difficult for them to understand, but nowadays everything goes.  Our society is changing.  Living together without marriage is a Western tradition, but now it has started happening here as well.

 Yes, it is better to sit and wait for the prince of dreams than to hold hands with him.  Even if it is only four days, life will come out.

 Vijay felt that he should say why then you do not go with me.  We get married but could not say that.

 'You know one of my sisters is studying in class XII.  He is also in love with a boy.  They are both ready to marry each other.  Next year, we will get married as soon as I turn adult. '

 Vijay came to mind to say that it is good.  If you find that groom on your own, then you will not have trouble  Anyway, which prince will you give him in a job of five thousand rupees.  It is good that they run away with their lovers.

 In conversation, Sarita told her that her father had died and she had three sisters.  He has no brother.  He is the eldest among sisters.  She works in an office and gets a monthly salary of five thousand rupees.  The other place is learning typing to get work.

 Vijay remembers a similar incident with a friend.  One of his friend's sisters eloped with the lover after marrying his elder sister to the middle-aged.  After this, his friend was boiling in anger.  Then Vijay had said that stay calm man.  Both of them be efficient wherever you are.  He did what he did well.  Which one would you give him to a prince?  Life is his after all.

 He has to live, so he should also take the decision.  The elder brother of the friend also supported Vijay's talk.  But it was said in a slightly philosophical way that this was approved by Honi.

 I also think that what a sister did is right.  Whatever the other will do is also good.  If life is a struggle then do it.  A person turned from lover to husband can also cheat.  Life can become hell and so does the searched prince of parents.  But mother does not agree.  She thinks a lot and spoils her health.

 They are old fashioned.

 'The extent has become that she has started telling me that you too run away with someone.

 With whom do I leave them in this situation…?

 Crying sarita

 Vijay did not understand what to say and what to do.

 When Sarita understood the situation, she controlled herself and started typing again.

 Ten minutes later Sarita woke up and left without speaking.  Vijay wished to go after him, but he sat and watched him go.

 Lightning strikes

 There were dark clouds in the sky.  Due to this, darkness had fallen in the environment.  Lightning shines and clouds thunder in the sky intermittently.  In such a weather, Vijay was ready to go to typing school.  He wanted to meet Sarita.  When he got out of the house, the drizzle had started.  Nevertheless, he started moving towards typing school with fast steps.  It must have been far away that the rain has intensified.  The people walking on the street ran away and stood in some shade, but he continued to get wet in his fun.

 Upon reaching the institute, he came to know that Sarita has not come.

 What was the need to come in so much rain?  Madam said to Vijay.

 You will not understand.  I understand everything, but now Sarita will never come here.

 Why?  how do you know?

 'His call came.  He said that if you come, I should tell you.

 Will she never come?  Vijay's voice started coming from a well.

 Vijay comes out of typing school.  It was raining outside.  As he stepped downward, a loud lightning flashed and a cloud roared.

 Vijay walked towards the house wet with no words.

 He thought that he would go to Sarita's house.  But Madam can give her home address.  Thinking it turned back, but by then the typing school was closed.

 Reached home soaking.  By then, his body started heating up with fever.  He lay on the bed for about fifteen days.  When something went well, he reached typing school on the twentieth day.  Madam not found.  This sequence lasted for fifteen days.  On the sixteenth day she received Madam.  On seeing her, she said that you have become very weak?

 That day he got sick when he was soaked in rain.

 When Vijay asks Madam for the address of Sarita's house, she writes it on a paper and gives Vijay a hand.  Vijay started by saying thanks to Madam.  He wanted to meet Sarita today.

 When he reached Madam's address, there was a lock.

 On asking the neighbors, it was found that Sarita used to live here, but has now gone away after selling the house.  Even after asking several people, Vijay did not get his new address.  Frustrated, he returned home.

 This behavior of Sarita shocked her a lot.  He could not understand why Sarita did this?

 He started writing poems in memory of Sarita.

 One day he had a dream and wrote his expressions on paper as a poem ...

 Sarita, who came out

 From your point of origin

 Went fast for the ocean

 The mountain has come to the fore

 Changed its route after hitting

 The route was long

 Was a series of mountains

 Plateau and rocky land too

 The man also stood with a shovel

 Ready to build a dam

 To irrigate field

 Want to drink water too

 Electricity is also needed

 To brighten the house

 To run the factory

 Factory waste

 He also needs a river to make excuses.

 He did not fight with nature

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