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I have gone for an interview with IBM , Went by 10A.M and came back by 8P.M. They have taken just 3 rounds and hardly 11 people came for my technology. Thay have made me to wait for hours , didn't not even have proper cafeteria for having lunch, very worst interview panel didn't even have a basic culture to introduce them in the beginning, I have to ask him for his name, very worstTaQ and HR team , no courtesy and no proper communication with the candidates. After clearing all the rounds they have started negotiating with package for very less and rejected every one at 7p.m, told them to leave for the day. Never ever go for a weekend interview, they just do it for name sake , they didn't even ask good questions in the interview, even the project manager is very bad. I dont know why a 8 years experienced guy has to go to a communication round, I have waited for more than an hour to take the communication round, but hardly the guy let me speak for 3minutes in the round . Their standards are very poor and I hated it to the core. Until I went and tell the interviewer I'm fainting, they didn't not tell us to have the lunch, very pathetic team , no proper communication. Hated it to the core. Dont recommend it to any one.

During the interview they may tell you that work structure would be like 80% development and 20% support. But more than 50% work is in support and that is also L1+L2 support.This project have weekly rotational second shift and developer has to support in shift.There are 10 public holidays every year but because of shifts each team member has to support at least 1 public holidays out of 10. And in those days person has to work for 12 hrs instead of 9 hrs.

(Experience with overall team)

Lateral resources with 3 to 8 years of experience coming from other organization or from other IBM project usually leave this project within 1 or 2 years.I have seen more than 10 farewells in less than a year.In this entire project, most of the resources are from mainframe and few are from java. Its not a development or maintenance or enhancement project.Its a support project. Java resource is the least valuable resource in this project.There is no team bonding. Old members can use new members to cover their mistakes in front of client. You may face groupism. Favoritism from boss is also very common, and that is even for those people who are technically worst but listen each and every thing of their boss and force new members to do unrealistic thing. Old team members create dependency and hide many things from new joiner to secure their place in the project and in front of client.No transparency about the tasks. New joiner remains unaware from many things even after a year . Old team members easily get big leaves for their vacation but new people get limited leaves(hardly a week- even after sufficient leaves are available in their buckets) even for genuine reasons like to take care of hospitalized parents, for once in a life moments and other important work.

Resource is responsible if resource's manager doesn't have work for the resource.Manager usually do not respect resource's priority after office hours. They may ask you to do work(Support) even in high fever(in this situation work from home is OK). Managers only think about billing hours of an employee(technology, innovation, automation, new ideas are not important, all the time they follow same old school methods) .There is a concept of people manager who takes care of your shift allowance approvals, appraisals, leaves approval, trainings etc. You and your people manager(who may not be from your project)should talk on daily basis to monitor your progress but my manager talked with me only for 2 times, on first day and on last day.Manager can ask female employees to stretch till late.
Provide proper JD before hiring, Respect team members, Use professional language at least in the office, avoid remote manager or technical lead culture at least for critical project, and make sure that new person will get involved into project and get proper knowledge before releasing existing resource from the project.

 Worked almost 3 years in IBM both Chennai and Bangalore location. The pay is less compare to other companies in market. The salary hike will also be very less. But the freedom and work life balance ethics would be awesome. This is an American based company so they give more value to employee. Even if you fight with manager they can't terminate you so easily like other companies. If you get good CTC and join IBM it is one of the best place I would say if you are not worried much about your hike. 

Hello veiwers , I am sahil nanda from delhi and I am sharing my review with all of you my friends here. It is all about the ibm compaby pvt ltd which is a multinational company and it deals in hardware as well as computer software. I worked for six months in ibm but I noticed that the staff was not so very friendly and manager also not take care of their colleagues, they won't help their junior if some problem arise

In IBM they have many facilities for their employees. Like you will get 22 paid leaves and unlimited sick leaves. Work culture is superb in IBM. Seniors are very helpful and if you the eager to learn they will teach each and everything. Managers are good and its depend on your luck.

The bad aspects are in IBM its salary. Salary is not good and hike is also very less. This is only thing which found in IBM is bad.
There are many learnings which we can learn with free of cost. Every employer will like to work as environment will be good. I have to stress this point not a better place for contractors because we don't know when our id card will be blocked and we will be thrown. Apart from this one more thing is HIKE in ibm. We don't get much hike, it will be single digit or nothing. Its brand value is good in market. Finally I can tell ibm is like mixed feeling.

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