Sunday, 27 October 2019

India will be hit hard by hurricanes before it hits Oman

The Observatory has expressed the possibility that more storms could strike before a hurricane hits Oman.  As a result, the sea is likely to be very stormy today in Sindhudurg, Ratnagiri, Goa and Karnataka.

In addition, fishermen have been warned not to go to the Arabian Sea on October 29 and to the Central Western Arabian Sea from October 28 to 31 as a result of the possibility of heavy to heavy rains.  Keeping this in mind, the government has proved the disaster management staff in Konkan and Goa and Karnataka.

Red alert was issued in Karnataka on Saturday by some colleges of the area.  Considering the possibility of heavy to heavy rains and sea storms with hurricanes in many areas today, the Coast Guard has intensified its search and rescue operation.

In addition, the Coast Guard has prepared an additional 10 ships, four Dornier aircraft and two alert helicopters ready to meet in an emergency.  The Coast Guard has escorted about 2100 boats to safer places in Maharashtra, Goa and Karnataka. The lightening effect of the hurricane will also be seen in Mumbai and surrounding areas and scattered tensions are also expected.

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