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How to query the Microsoft Knowledge Base by using keywords and query words 2019


How to query the Microsoft Knowledge Base by using keywords and query words

The Microsoft Knowledge Base has more than 150,000 articles. 
Using keywords and query words in Knowledge Base articles may help you find the content that you are looking for more quickly. This article lists some of the most frequently used keywords and query words in the Microsoft Knowledge Base.

These articles were created by thousands of support professionals who have resolved issues for our customers. The Microsoft Knowledge Base is regularly updated, expanded, and refined to help make sure that you have access to the very latest information.

 that are listed in one article may help find other articles that have similar content. However, some query words are only used for older content and may not help you find the most current information. Use a variety of search techniques to make sure that you receive the best search result.

Microsoft Knowledge Base search options to customize your search. To learn more about these settings, visit the following Microsoft Web 

Keywords" and "Additional query words" sections. When you use words in either of these sections to search the Knowledge Base, you may find articles that contain similar content. To use these words in your search, select your product

keywords that you use in your search do not return the results that you expect, also use other keywords and query words.

Keywords" section. The Knowledge Base is large, and it is constantly being updated. The team responsible for managing the Knowledge Base regularly adds keywords to Knowledge Base articles to help automate this work

frequently used keywords. However, keep in mind that there are many keywords that are not listed here. Check the articles

 You can use these keywords in your searches to locate articles that are related to your specific issue.

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