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Deepavali is the largest festival celebrated by Hindus in India.


Deepavali is the largest festival celebrated by Hindus in India.  Due to the special festival of lamps it was named Diwali or Diwali.  Deepavali means a line of lamps.  Thus, the festival, which is equipped with rows of lamps, is called Deepavali.  The festival, celebrated on the new moon of Kartik, illuminates the dark night with the light of countless lamps.

  There are different reasons or stories behind the practice of lighting a lamp.  According to Hindu devotees in Hindu mythology, Kartik returned to Ayodhya on Amavasya by cutting the forest of Lord Sri Ramachandraji for fourteen years and killing Ravandi, a symbol of Asuri Vratis.

  Then the Ayodhya people celebrated the festival of Deep Light on Ram Ch.  That is why Deepavali is a major festival of Hindus.  The people of Krishna Bhaktadhar believe that on this day Lord Krishna killed the oppressive king Narakasura.  The slaughter of this horrible monster caused a great deal of excitement among the people and people lit ghee lamps.  According to a legend, Vishnu took the form of Narasimha…
 According to Jain myths, the twenty-fourth Tirthankara Mahavir Swami is the ...
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