Tuesday, 4 June 2019

Samsung to Utilize AMD's Graphics Technology in Its Smartphones, Signs a Multiyear Deal

According to a press release shared with both businesses, the AMD-Samsung deal is limited to mobile devices, a market segment AMD has remained away until now. As part of the deal, AMD will license custom made graphics IP, dependent on recently declared RDNA images architecture to Samsung. RDNA graphics design premiered at Computex earlier this month and it is very likely to be utilized on next-gen Xbox and PlayStation consoles. "We look forward to working with AMD to accelerate innovations in mobile graphics technologies that will take future mobile computing into another level." AMD's images ought to help Samsung distinguish in the smartphone marketplace that is competitive. The South smartphone maker is likely to use the technology to boast its smartphones' operation in graphics intensive tasks such as mobile gambling. We hope to hear info, although no specifics have been shared by the firms at this point. AMD's images experience will give a edge over Android smartphone manufacturers to Samsung and allow it to better compete with Apple. The sale will help create millions of dollars in revenue for AMD, which is trying to hide its way back into the PC marketplace. The smartphone graphics market is dominated ARM and by Qualcomm, whose chip designs are used in Android tablets. Apple, on the other hand, currently designs its own graphics chips after breaking ties with UK-based Imagination Technologies in 2017. Samsung might be looking to go the way of Apple. It is dependent on ARM for GPUs, although the South Korean firm already design modems and its own smartphone chips. Samsung, however, was said to be working since 2012 on its own graphics processors.
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