Tuesday, 4 June 2019

Samsung Galaxy S10e Cardinal Red Renders Twist On The Web, Tipped to Launch Soon

Samsung Galaxy S10e comes in an assortment of peppy colours such as Canary Yellow and Prism Green, aside from the black shades that are conventional. Samsung is planning to provide the phone a red paintjob that will be known as'Cardinal Red'. This is the same colour in which Samsung recently listed the Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10+ for sale in a couple of markets, and it was just a matter of time before the Galaxy S10e got the same treatment. Alleged leaves of the Galaxy S10e's Cardinal Red variant have surfaced online, along with some obscure details regarding its market availability.

Samsung recently lifted the covers in the'Cardinal Red' variations of the Galaxy S10$57,626 and Galaxy S10+, both of which are currently listed on the Samsung Switzerland website. Not wanting to leave the Galaxy S10e$55,900 supporting, Samsung is reportedly gearing up to start a Cardinal Red variant of this Galaxy S10e also, and thanks to alleged renders of this telephone, we now know what the telephone might look like.

The renders of Galaxy S10e's Cardinal Red variant, which come courtesy of WinFuture, reveal the fiery reddish color is going to be the same as the one we have seen before on the Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10+. The Cardinal Red paintjob extends all of the way from the glistening back panel into the rim as well as the quantity and Bixby buttons. The camera module stands out as it sports a reddish finish that is darker.

Samsung is reportedly planning to sell the Galaxy S10e's Cardinal Red version in European nations, but there is not any word about the specific countries or the pricing where it'll be sold. Market accessibility of this Galaxy S10e's Cardinal Red version -- which might not be uniform for memory configurations -- has been tilted to begin in the upcoming months, but WinFuture says that traders might begin supplying the phone starting as early as a week in certain regions.
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