Wednesday, 15 May 2019

Workers from e-commerce giant Amazon have been"wrongly" taking down advertisements with spiritual content which has negatively influenced the selling of merchandise from several tiny sellers.

Vendors have seen their merchandise advertisements for having content, becoming suspended. These vendors were advised via email that their advertisements were becoming blocked because of some"new policy upgrade" in Amazon which prohibits any advertisement that contains"spiritual content", CNBC reported on Saturday,

Explaining itself on the topic, Amazon reported the organization is currently implementing"corrective coaching" to describe what sort of spiritual material is okay.

"Products associated to a certain faith aren't permitted to be promoted. The email comprises also our long standing policies and information haven't changed.

It remains uncertain how employees misunderstood what the firm implied in its own policies.

Amazon's advertisement policies pub advertisements that"urge or demean" a faith, but it doesn't preclude selling spiritual material from the first place, Engadget reported.
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