Wednesday, 15 May 2019

Foxconn Chip Boss Tipped to Be Taiwanese Group's Next Chairman

The world's biggest contract maker Foxconn is poised to nominate the mind of its chip company since chairman to succeed Terry Gou, who intends to run in the presidential elections of Taiwan, two individuals with direct knowledge of the issue said.

The nomination could come after Gou, 68, told Reuters in April that he intended to resign as chairman of their Apple provider so younger gift would move up the rankings.

The potential appointment of liu came because of some junior rank among the top executives of the firm, the folks mentioned on Monday.

Gou has repeatedly stated that he needs someone"younger" to run the business, among those folks said. Liu, who combined Foxconn since the special helper of Gou at 2007, has obtained trust that was excellent the individual said.

Liu was leader of the processor company, dubbed the S sub-group of Foxconn, because 2017, the individual said.

Because the thing was personal the 2 people declined to be identified.

Gou is place to keep a seat on the board in Foxconn, officially called Hon Hai Precision Industry Co Ltd.. He told reporters he would resign as chairman of this board to show his decision to run for elections.

A firm filing last week revealed candidates for the brand new board of Foxconn comprised Gou and Liu, in addition to Sharp Chairman Tai Jeng-wu and Foxconn Interconnect Technology Ltd Chairman Lu Sung-Ching.

The board is subject to shareholder approval in an interview in June prior to a chairman could be chosen.
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