Wednesday, 15 May 2019

Bond 25 Production to Deal'Inside the Week' After Daniel Craig Sustains Ankle Injury: Report

Generation on the next James Bond film titled Bond 25 -- has been suspended following star Daniel Craig when filming one of the scenes in Jamaica hurt his ankle. The 51-year-old English celebrity was flown into New York for therapy also is expected to return"over the week", although another round of manufacturing scheduled for London's Pinewood Studios on the weekend was cancelled because of the collision.

"Matters were regarded as a tragedy at first," an unnamed source advised British tabloid The Sun. "However, the injury isn't as intense as thought, and he'll have the ability to picture whilst not over pushing his or her ankle. He'll be back on place inside the week. Daniel [Craig] was angry he had suffered an accident after spending months getting into prime physical form."

"He had been in rather a great deal of pain and has been complaining about his arm," an unnamed source stated then. "As you would expect he was pretty mad that it had occurred. He threw his suit coat on the floor in utter frustration."

That is far from the first time that Craig, who favors performing his own stunts, has continued an accident on place to get a Bond film. He had two teeth knocked out owing to the head in his stunt scene for Casino Royale to a blow, forcing his dentist. About the sequel Quantum of Solace, a shoulder tore, injured his ribs and then sliced the tip of a finger. And on the Bond movie Spectre, he hurt.

The as-yet untitled Bond 25 film is slated to launch April 3, 2020 at India and the UK, and April 8, 2020 at the united states.
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